Naked on the Nile

So there I was all wrapped up in moonlight. Unafraid and finding rest in the fresh sand dunes of Sacrifice Cliff. I was naked under the stars and by far one of the most thrilling nights of my life!!!

Id been hanging out with homeless people. Some from all over the world. They had been keeping up with me step for step on even my psychosis and it tripped my lid!!! All the trading and bartering. 

So that day id taken an older gentleman to the river. As we walked into the woods towards the river everything got really beautiful. A side note of not so that I had left my glasses at home. I knew that day was gonna be live and often I ruin or throw my glasses to the bottoms of lakes!!! Because wait a minute when I am in my heavenlies I can see!!! Its a full blown miracle the way those bluffs with trees turned into natives watching over me, as I floated down the Yellowstone River that warm September day in 2022.

So the guy to be unnamed said he was 21 when I asked his age. He looked 60 some. So I said how old am I then?? He said "18."

So I gave him one last look and pushed myself into the flowing River in my shirt and already been sitting their laughing and talking to his dog. But off I floated on my back.

Now this River can be dangerous but this day it was so beautifully safe for me. I could walk across the rocks over the water just like Jesus! Wow and I was like an 18 year old in body for the times I would have to swim accross and be strong. I was so powerful and felt nothing was gonna stop me!!! I was so young and virile and an athlete!!! It was just the most amazing feeling to swim that River going from land to land and attempting to get where the Lord was telling me to go. I swam hard and strong. I felt like a mermaid made for the water.

I kept my clothes on for awhile but they quickly left me. The bobies were free to float!!! I also threw my necklace that was for a friend Jane unto the rocks. It was pirates treasures and a tribute to the beauty I saw to leave the rose quartz necklace on the rocks,and in the moonlight I removed my "Miranda" bracelet and left it in a dune. These were gifts to the stars.

As I floated down the river I looked up and saw the bluffs and beautiful clouds. My eyes are shit, how did I see that definition in the distance?? So strange but I do recall how beautiful and thought yes this is heaven!!! All the ancestors up on the sacrifice cliffs watching out for me!!! And the whole spirit world to watch!

I wasn't scared a bit it was so amazing and breathtaking and I was so happy!!! Every challenge and forward step I took was with an adventurous spirit. I was not wild, but a Goddess amongst nature. This was still daylight and the night would prove to be quite interesting as I thought the sun was never gonna rise again!

Yes buck naked. It got dark. It got chillier. I sat in the river and peed....I peed wherever. I was in the deep  wilderness across from the interstate lol. I had started at Mystic Park and floated and walked down to where there where there was a tower. Im wondering if they have cameras in this area? It was like something off stranger things and I knew not to go near the tower.

At one point I straddled a bare tree with well "a crotch" as if it had two legs jutting out. I sat right at the said crotch and I reached down and pulled out what was like fur or in my mind possibly a scalp of hair!!! I flung whatever I had pulled off the tree to the ground and it was like the worst feeling I had the whole night. But no still not filled with fear.

I didnt see any animals or people til the next day. I saw bugs!!! But I didn't get bitten by bugs!! I was skinny!!! I thought my body was skinny and fit. My belly didn't bother me...I had no sense of being fat at all. I felt beautiful! 

I washed my hair with dirt and river water. Remember the moon is full and you can see everything, except my eyes were seeing dwelling all over the place like little huts created for creatures...but then I would get up closer and it would just be forage. It was so magical!!! Just wandering around looking for soft ground to lie down on.

And I did, and I would lie my body down in soft untouched sand and feel so comfy and safe. Maybe I in fact was completely unsafe naked in the woods but it felt like home. It felt like the Garden of Eden all over again. Much like my visit to Lake Anita in 2017.

Im going to finish this tomorrow because its quite the long story!!!