Weird shit

I've decided I suck at attempting to be a decent humans excuse to be unfaithful when even an unamed suspicious male prostitute that is not gay and love his mama and and travel nurse types but absolutely needs funding or he pays no mind
Ignored me all day ..mdid ya.

What are we selling?

Some dumb some day dream she cannot ever see again and again?

And the what happened?

Omg it was freaking like I voodoo black dolls creeping up to my jail cell in cute clothes and Graco w Walker's...

Not on stage. I'm peeing! Good son! Good girl! Not here! Never me.

BkunBo bouncy castle some day no matter how much she sucks at writing stories she just be still babbling Brooklyn!

Drooling aging!

I foundound our mail hacker tonight book on FB Tami...

I need a cig? Hell and back again for Cload.

Issaac whY?

Fleming my neighbor blonde Natiiv naive he hates me bow!

My Droid love me! I nwed? Automatically?

Desinged. thanks.

Hacked job hairru Hence Der some meet Sally's nails she did?

Hey Mom I love you...

No questions.

Yes but to be honest do you bell pepper all this lol o said believe me too!

I do!!!!