Breaking up with Jake Attempt #1

See baby our vibration...
They can't see it.
Our trilogy stepping stones mysteries...
Adventures and the way you lift my feet to dance.
Ya I know you so well.
Breathing into me, life.
But every time we are know what they do to me?
Awful things.
And the sequences I see mean nothing to them. There I saw you.
You were waiting on Wyoming Street.
They take you from me...say this is better'.
This is what is real to them...
But when I can't feel you with me and be who they all want me to be?
Your mom said I should "dump you" because you always get me in trouble.
I want to think it's deeper And way more important than their world.
I've lasted a month without you...And now so freakin lonely and bored I'm self medicating...just a lil ya know?
Just a little.
They call it insane. Me and you
They don't want me like that.
Almost like a modern day Puritan witch hanging... without the pleasure of being dead with you.
I'm sorry I can't handle it without your presence and excitement.
I'm sorry I'm never right about Jesus coming back...we were just practicing right?
I don't know how to move on.
I try to meet new never works...I overload them to quick.
It's not like "our thing."
It's pretty friggin cool I guess.
But on the other hand if I keep being wrong about unification...well Jake I got kids here.
I gotta live here.
I can't be alone all the time.
Maybe I gotta let you go.
You're making a mess of me.
Loving you so much makes me insane.
And I'm telling you they gave me something that makes me not feel you or feel any type of the games we played.
So Jake...idk? What you wanna do with this?
Cause right?
K gotta accept this...ya know? That I got this opportunity to be in other people's reality?
Nothing's worked in years right?
And though it's been beautiful being with you and so much fun...I don't know if I can do that to my kids anymore.
I guess I maybe could try to just tell the stories we have so far?
I dunno. How would you feel if I could give someone alive on Flatt at least a chance to love me?
Yeah I dunno Jake...this is real hard. I kind want you here with me tonight...but it always ends so bad!

And you know what being wrong on insanity...over and over is totally for the birds no matter how interesting and exciting it is to know the other realm.

I only I could prove it. If only I could express the things I see that people would believe me. But I never do. I'm just considered sick.

So you just need to stay away Jake unless you fukn mean it's really the end and we all cross over with our soulmates.

I have court for all this shit now that happened that no one understands.

 I'm sorry. And I know I don't even have to say that because you are my soul and you know what's best for me before I ever even say it.

I don't even wanna stop talking.

Jake you just gotta go. And I know that you are always with me...and no matter if I tell you to go you never would...but maybe less making me look insane with marriage proposal via full blown different outfits including half naked on my front porch  would be great.

You dare me run topless downtown? Yep. Jail. I know absolutely this shit is hilarious  in Concord but seriously I still live in Flatt Fukr and I am getting seriously upset that I am never right about what is happening!

Too much! Too much fun! Too adventurous. And way way too much time in holding cells.

Not even funny. Stop laughing.

Eeeeeeeerrrrrhhhhh go away.
Stop tickling my funny bone!
OMG!!! I wanna be sad!
Stop it!
Stop making me laugh!

I'm serious. I need to find someone else!

I'ma call 911 this ghost is harrassing me and tickling my funny bone!

Eeeeeeeeekkkkk I'm not letting you in tonight!

Ok...I'ma change into something sexier...brb!

Fukr if end up in jail tonight hallinating alternative escape routes and washing my hair in the toilet you are done for!

Ah fuk. Pretty normal eh?

I love you Jake...we broke up.