Trying to get cozied up to the idea of writing again. I started my book last year and love what I have so far, but don't know what to write next! Idk if I can do chronological because so much has happened!

I also don't have a laptop so I will have to write it on my phone...on my blog and just not publish. I hope I do find direction with it soon.

Also have not written a poem in forever. I have been real caught up with Facebook. I've done a lot if videos instead of being into my blog...but I think mostly I wanna work on my book. I'd like to have something solid by spring.

I'm going to take down my beginning so that it leaves a little mystery!

Been going through a lot to say the least. Too much. Ready to settle in for winter and stop having so many episodes! Damn!!!

Peace peeps! Thanks for reading!